The Weight-ing Game

    [tps_header]weightSome children are becomingly almost paranoid about body image, and child expert Nigel Latta looks at the problem of those mini-dieters elsewhere in this issue of Northern Life Family. However, at the other end of the scale – no pun intended – there is a growing danger of children becoming overweight or even clinically obese, with all the health problems that can involve. So is your child at risk of becoming overweight? Dianne Ward, a professor of nutrition has developed this quick and easy checklist to help parents of children aged four to 12 become aware of the factors that increase a child’s risk of being overweight or obese. For more information, consult with your family doctor.


    tvHow much ‘screen time’ (TV, video, computer games) does your child get each day?

    • Less than one hour -1 point
    • One to two hours 0 points
    • Two to three hours 1 point
    • More than three hours 2 points



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