Parenting is without a doubt the hardest job in the world! Juggling work, family, finances and trying to crowbar a social life and relationship in there can be almost too much at times. Parental mental health is often overlooked. Keeping an eye on your mental health is incredibly important and key in ensuring you’re able to cope with your day to day responsibilities. So what should you do?

1Keep things in perspective and prioritise

It can feel overwhelming when we are juggling so much, but taking a pause and putting the different aspects your life in order or priority can help in taking the pressure off. When push comes to shove, kids and family are #1, everything else can wait.

2Take time out

Take some time each day/week to just ‘be’ by yourself, when the noise around and demands on you are deliberately put to one side, you can let your mind just rest and recover a little.

3Don’t people please

Catch yourself being a ‘yes’ person to all and sundry. Put you and your family first and don’t run yourself ragged pleasing everyone else’s requests before fulfilling your own needs first.

4Create family time

Put aside some time to spend as a family. Ditch the phones and any distractions and plan time for just you and the kids. It’ll do you all wonders, alleviate any parent guilt, and boost the happy hormones.

5Talk it out

If you’re finding things too much, don’t bottle the feelings and thoughts up, talk to your partner, a mate, a boss, and tell them what’s going on for you. It can be the best way to get any stress out.