Naughty parents tell age fibs

Lie about children's age

More than three quarters of parents have lied about their children’s age to save cash, a poll has revealed. The money saving website quizzed nearly 1,800 parents of children aged between five and 17 to look into attitudes surrounding money and lying.

Asked if they had ever lied about their children’s age for their own personal gain, 76 per cent said they had.

Top for fibbing was public transport on 58 per cent followed by cinema trips (51 per cent); theme parks (47 per cent); safari parks/zoos (38 per cent); museums – 29 per cent).

Asked if they had ever been caught out when lying about their child’s age; 69 per cent said they had never been caught, and 31 per cent admitted they had.

Asked if they worried about the consequences from getting caught, 76 per cent said it was ‘worth the risk’.

And when asked why anyone would run the risk of lying about their child’s age, 98 per cent told researchers prices for adults and teenagers are just ‘too expensive.’