5 gift ideas for Easter that aren’t chocolate

Is this familiar?

If you’re anything like us, Easter means one thing, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (alright three things!). In an attempt avoid this almost enevitable situation we’ve put together 5 gift ideas for Easter that aren’t chocolate based. Forgive us for number five, we’re just not that strong!

1Grow Your Own Pet Chicken

This cracking novelty Easter toy is like a little science experiment for your little ones. Place the egg into water and over the next 48 hours a chicken will hatch out. It’s an entertaining gift that lasts longer than a bar of chocolate and something the kids can keep and play with afterwards.



Playmobil “Easter Bunny Workshop” Playset

The Playmobil Easter bunny workshop is a perfect Easter scene. The baby Bunnies prick up their ears as they begin to paint the eggs in different colours. In their open-air classroom they are learning all about arts and crafts.What child doesn’t love Playmobil? They’ll be entertained for hours and chocolate will be a distant memory!


3Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt

It’s Peppa Pig, always a winner! It’s Easter time and Grandpa Pig has organized a special Easter Egg hunt. But Peppa Pig and her friends find more than chocolate eggs at the end of the garden…

This story book might be counterintuitive if you’re trying to avoid the chocolate. But it’s Peppa Pig, always a winner!


4Peter Rabbit:The Tales Of The Start Of Spring

This program is a staple in our house. It’s one of those last resort solutions to any ‘crisis’ that always seems to work. Aside from that, Peter Rabbit is a genuinely fantastic product that looks fantasic and has cheeky storylines.


5Lindt Gold Bunny

Ok, we give in. It wouldn’t be Easter without just a little bit of chocolate would it! And who can resist the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny.

We can’t…