CLOSED WIN one of five Blopens bundles

Receive a bundle which includes a mini BLOPENS kit and one BLOPENS Puppies and Kittens set. Kid’s love BLOPENS as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects. With a Mini Pen and Stencil and a Puppies and Kittens set. Just put a stencil on a piece of paper, blow in the pen and see your picture appear! Blow in lines and circles, blowing harder or softer for different effects.

WIN one of five Blopens bundles


  1. I’d love to win this for my neice as I had this as a child so it will be nice for her to see what I used to play with

  2. I’d love to win this gorgeous prize because my daughter will enjoy it so much and will keep her busy with hours of fun and creativity!

  3. My daughter has a set of these and would love some more. She did a beautiful butterflies and dragonflies one the other day

  4. Blopens are so creative and so much fun, our Grandchildren love art based, and creative activities, and these give such rewarding results.


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