CLOSED WIN a Vista Junior Swim Mask

Vista Junior Swim Mask

The clever Quick-fit side buckles mean that parents can get the perfect fast fit whilst the goggles are on the face of the child – eliminating that irritating and pesky on – and off adjustment – and letting them get on with the fun! The Vista Junior is supplied with a handy protective carry case – meaning easy transportation and safe keeping for the next
time you swim.


  1. I’d have loved this when I was younger as I loved swimming but hated getting water in my eyes, my friends little girl is the same and it’s delaying her progress in lessons so this would be ideal

  2. My little boy doesn’t like putting his head under the water when he’s swimming and these cool goggles would be just the thing to help him overcome his fear.

  3. What a great advantage to have the Quick fit side buckles so they can be adjusted while worn – great way to get a perfect fit.

  4. My daughter was doing well in her swimming lessons until she used goggles like her other friends. She was constantly adjusting and removing them, and eventually gave up on them. She has started lagging behind the others now so these sound perfect

  5. The clever Quick-fit side buckles mean that you can get a good fit even when the goggles are on – this would be so handy as it’s a nightmare trying to adjust correctly! Xx

  6. It would be great for my Grandson who is scared about getting water in his eyes so it has been a problem getting him to learn to swim. He panics if the water splashes near his eyes in the bath. These would enable my son to start taking him swimming.


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