Shakespeare’s First Adventure

Great DaneShakespeare snuggled up, warm and cosy,
next to his brothers, both softly snoring.
He wriggled and squirmed and nuzzled his
way in, right up to his mother and on her belly, rested his chin.

The door opened quickly and in came a fright,
two bouncing children full of delight.
They ran to the box and in their hands flew,
snatching his brother and Shakespeare too.
“We want this one and this one too,
oh please mummy and daddy can we take two?”

“I’m sorry my dears, we can only take one,
now put them down and make a choice.”
The children frowned and pouted their lips,
but mum stood strong with hands on her hips.

Shakespeare looked at his brother with glee,
for now he was awake and play could proceed.
He lowered his front in a playful stance
and wriggled his bottom to get a good prance.

Charging forward he got a good aim,
sending his brother flying and into a game.
The children shrieked with laughter as they jumped and chased.
Around and around there was no time to waste!

“We want this one, can we please?” the children did plead.
“What is his name?” They asked with intrigue.
“His name is Shakespeare and I think you’ll
agree, it‘s a fitting name for a Great Dane indeed,”

said the lady who looked after his mother with such care.
A lady Shakespeare loved with buckets to spare.
“He is my favourite, so look after him dears;
treat him with love and kindness for all years,”
she told the children, who nodded and swore:

“We will, we will of course!”
“I love his black patches over his eyes.”
The little girl said: “He looks like a Panda, a
perfect disguise!”

“And I love his black tail and patch on his
bum,” the little boy said. “We’ll have such fun!”
Shakespeare was scared and ran back to his mother.
She would miss him but knew the time had come.

So she licked him and told him: “It’s time to go,
you have a new family now with love to bestow.”
Shakespeare nodded and ran to the children
who scooped him up into a comfy new bed.
“Hello, Shakespeare!” the little boy said
as he ruffled his ears and scratched his head.
“My name’s Peter and this is Kate.
We will have lots of adventures and fun. I bet you can’t wait!”

And out of the house he was carried by
Mum and a new adventure had begun…

Into the house Shakespeare flew,
around and around, all this was new.
He ran through the kitchen and into the hall
what was behind each new door?

Into a room all shiny and white,
with basins and a bath, oh what a delight!
But wait what is this, hung on the wall?
A new toy for Shakespeare, to keep him enthralled.

Taking the end he ran out the door,
with paper trailing behind on the floor.
“No Shakespeare, wait!” mum shouted and
scorned, but Shakespeare still ran, this game was fun, for one and for all.

The children laughed and giggled with glee
as Shakespeare passed them with a wiggle and spree.
Up the hallway and into the lounge,
Shakespeare ran with paper in mouth.

Around and around the sofa and chair,
the room soon covered with paper to spare!
Mum tried to catch him as he dodged and he
zipped, through her legs he thought he’d nip.

But Dad was waiting and in his arms landed,
the game now ended by huge disadvantage.
Two to one didn’t seem fair,
but Shakespeare had fun so he didn’t care.

Mum shook her head and wearily said:
“Oh Shakespeare, look at this room!
You’ll need to learn which your toys are soon!”

Dad held him tight and ruffled his ears.
“Come on Shakespeare, your toys are in here.”
Dad led the way into a new room,
filled with toys and fun things to do.

Shakespeare ran round, keen to explore,
there were toys, a bed and treats galore.
A ball on a rope he had never seen
and cuddly toys covered in fluff, which tickled
his nose and out came a sneeze.

“Come play with us!” said Peter with joy
and eagerly grabbed the nearest toy.
He threw it to Kate who caught it with ease
and then threw it to Shakespeare who gave it a good squeeze.

Out came a squeak which gave him a fright,
so he dropped it and ran with all his might.
He hid in his bed until he felt brave and then
lowered his front and pounced once again.

The children laughed and Dad did too.
“Oh Shakespeare you do act like a fool!”
Shakespeare gave a mischievous look
and wagged his tail until his body shook.

“We can’t wait to take you out,
into the park and all about,”
said Kate as she hugged him tight,
“but it’s bedtime now so we’ll say goodnight.”

Shakespeare settled on his bed and wondered:
“What was this park and when would they go?”
He hoped it would be soon but he didn’t know.
So he closed his eyes and went to sleep,
dreaming of adventures and friends he would soon meet.



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