One in Four British Adults Has Disney Merchandise on Their OWN Christmas Lists

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A new survey by a personalised gifting website has revealed that two fifths of British adults have children’s items on their own Christmas lists, including games, toys and consoles; among other products intended for children. Furthermore, a quarter of adults confessed that they would like to have Disney items under the Christmas tree this year that they could open.

It has been revealed that many adults are planning to relive their childhoods this year, with two fifths of British people aged 30 or over confessing that they are hoping to receive children’s items as gifts for Christmas this year, including consoles, games and toys. Furthermore, one in four adults claims they would like to receive Disney items among their gifts this year.

The survey was conducted by the personalised gifting company, after the team noticed a substantial increase in orders for the Disney range of products, which has most recently expanded to offer personalised Frozen memorabilia. In the run up to Christmas, the company wanted to find out more about the British public’s wish lists for the festive season this year. 1,855 UK adults took part in the survey, all of whom were aged 30 or over.

Respondents were first asked “Do you have any children’s items on your own Christmas wish list this year, such as games consoles, toys or any other products designed or intended for children?” Two fifths of respondents (41%) confirmed that they would like to receive children’s items as gifts this year.

All respondents were then asked if they had any Disney memorabilia on their Christmas wish list this year, to which a quarter (26%) said that they did. When asked to provide further details on what Disney products they would like, with the option to select all answers that applied, DVDs came out top; with 81% of the relevant respondents selecting this option. 62% of the relevant respondents said they were hoping for Disney music, like soundtracks, whilst 57% said clothing and 39% said home ware items.

In order to explore this further, all respondents who wanted Disney items were asked to indicate which particular Disney films or characters their wish list items were linked to. The top five movies and characters which appealed to the over 30s were revealed as follows:

  1. Mickey and/or Minnie Mouse – 34%
  2. Beauty and the Beast – 28%
  3. Frozen – 24%
  4. Despicable Me – 19%
  5. Toy Story – 16%

Mike Herbert of commented on the findings:

“There is a huge trend of adults wanting to relive their childhoods with toys and games. At the end of the day, there’s no need to be boring just because you’re a grown up now! At what point do we tell ourselves that we can no longer enjoy the fun things we used to love? The magic and escapism is still there for the taking and, personally, we think that you are never too old to sit down with a cuppa and watch a good Disney movie – even better if your cuppa is in a Disney mug! It’s little things like these that keep you feeling young and brighten up your day.”

He continued:

“We’ve seen a huge influx of orders and pre-orders for our Disney stock in particular. Childhood items are great for the kids, but they also make lovely, nostalgic or romantic gifts for adults too and it’s great that the British public embrace this! Christmas is a great time to let out your inner child!”





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