The North is an attractive place to buy your first home. In addition to being one of the most beautiful places in the country, many towns and cities in the North are seeing significant reinvestment.

If that wasn’t all, the North is also one of the cheapest places to buy a property. The North East has the cheapest average property price for first time buyers, at just £126,437. Meanwhile, Yorkshire and Humber are priced closely behind at £139,970, followed by the North West at £149,990.

If you’re starting a family, having a little extra capital to do some decorating certainly comes in handy. When it’s time to prepare your home for the pitter patter of tiny feet, decorating a nursery is just the start. You’ll need to make sure the kitchen, lounge, garden and of course, bathroom is child friendly, but still a place the whole family can enjoy.

Here are 5 ways to make your bathroom family friendly.

Note that we’re talking family-friendly, not kid-friendly. Safety is, of course paramount where children are concerned, but in shared spaces, everyone needs to be able to enjoy them. You want to be able to take a bath when the children are in bed without being surrounded by bath toys!


When it comes to decorating your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with tiles. They are stylish, practical and available in a wide range of colours and shapes. This perfect blend of style and practicality make them perfect for decorating a family bathroom.

Tiles give you the creative freedom to make a tasteful and cosy bathroom you can be proud of. They are also easy to clean and splash resistant in the presence of wriggling arms and legs. You can get bath toys that have suction pads on them to stick to tiles. You can even get bath chalk to create a colourful display that washes right off! Tiles help create a fun bath time experience for parents and children alike.

2Bath, shower or both?

Bath time is a time honoured ritual for many families with young children. But in a world where we are ever more environmentally conscious, some people prefer a shower. If you have the space, the solution to this problem is easy: have both.

Whether it’s an en-suite wetroom or an extension to your main bathroom, there are lots of options for bathrooms today. If you’re pushed for space, a shower bath is a great long term solution. It allows you to enjoy bath time when the children are young and shower time when they’re older and your home is bustling with people!

3Smart storage

Picture the scene: the kids are in bed. The bath is full of bubbles and candles are lit. You have wine and a book. The only thing that could spoil this view is… yes! There it is! The squeaky octopus and red plastic watering can.

When you’re preparing your bathroom for your new family, remember that storage is a must! Bath toys, no-tears shampoo, talcum powder, bath mats… the list of bath essentials goes on. Even small bathrooms can have plenty of storage options if you get creative.

Make the most of the walls with floating shelves and take advantage of under sink spaces by fitting cupboards or combination units.

4Sharable sinks

As your children get older, you’ll be teaching them how to look after their new teeth. A large sink or two sinks adjacent to each other will give you both space to use the sink, enabling more “hands-on” training. If your family gets bigger and there’s a rush to get teeth brushed before school, you’ll be extra grateful for the space!

5Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a luxury that the whole family can enjoy! From keeping little feet warm to saving you money on your heating bill, underfloor heating provides a number of advantages to a family bathroom.

Underfloor heating is much safer than radiators, while also freeing up essential bathroom wall space. It can be fitted under stone, tile or carpet, allowing you to stay flexible with your bathroom decoration.

Making your home family-friendly means considering every member of your family, not just your smallest members. The other thing to consider is that they won’t stay small for long! So make sure your bathroom is designed in a way that is prepared for family growth.




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