How To Get Alone Time on a Holiday With The Kids In Tow

Alone time

You may think that it is impossible to get any alone time with your amour on a holiday when you’ve had to bring the kids along, but it most definitely is not. I know it might be hard to believe, but there are ways to make sure that you get some memories of your own, just the two of you, as well as the ones with the whole family.

Here are five ways to ensure that you do manage to get some alone time on a holiday with your kids in tow:

  1. Pick Your Hotel Carefully – First things first, pick accommodation that has fantastic child-friendly facilities, like a kids’ club with an action-packed itinerary. We’re not suggested that you dump your children with hotel staff every single day, but there will be parts of the holiday when they’d much prefer to be mixing with people their own age and having fun. They will make friends at these clubs and it will leave you some time to indulge in whatever you’d like to do.
  1. Set a Bed Time – You don’t have to make your children go to bed at their usual bed time, as it can be nice to let them stay up a little later on holiday. However, do set a bed time for them each night and try to stick to it, because once they are asleep you’ll be able to put your feet up and relax together with just one another for company, perhaps enjoying a glass of wine out on your hotel balcony or some room service.
  1. Invite Other Relatives – Your children’s grandparents or aunties and uncles might relish the opportunity to come along on your family holiday, so if they express an interest then let them (or make sure they know they’re invited if they don’t ask). Having a relative there means you can leave you children in their care on one or two evenings to go out together without having to worry.
  1. Make Holiday Friends – If you get chatting to another family during your trip who have children around the same age as yours that they seem to get on with, try to form a friendship with them. Offer to look after their children for a few hours one day or one evening whilst the parents go off for some alone time and they’re bound to return the favour.
  1. Send Them Home Early – If you have brought other relatives or friends with you on your family holiday, consider the option of staying a few extra days just the two of you and sending your children home with grandma and granddad. It’s only for a few days and means you get to enjoy a family break and a couples holiday in one.

So, there you have it! Just some of the ways you can enjoy some ‘you and me’ time with your other half when you’re on a holiday with your children. Like we said, it is possible!



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