Holidays With No Kids?

holiday without kids

More than 20 per cent of parents have admitted they would rather go on holiday without their children, but they’re outnumbered by those who prefer a family break.

With the summer holidays here, a survey by an online voucher code website also found that just over two thirds of childless adults would rather stay at an adults-only resort.

In the survey, 1,024 respondents (both male and female) were asked if they had children. Those who had children were then asked: “Would you rather spend holidays with your children or without them?” and 22 per cent said they would rather travel without their children, while 51 per cent said they would rather travel with their children.

Meanwhile 27 per cent would be happy to travel with their children, but would also like to have the opportunity to go away without them.

To find out more, those who said they would like to go away without their children were asked: “What type of holiday would you take without your children?”

From a list of options they chose: City breaks, 34 per cent; spa breaks, 28 per cent; tropical islands, 24 per cent; road trips, 18 per cent; cruise, 12 per cent.



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