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Babies Deciphering Speech

Detailed brain scans of 12 infants born prematurely have shown that at just 28 weeks, the babies appeared to discriminate between different syllables. The research supports the idea that babies develop language skills while still inside the womb in response to their parents’ voices. It was proven that they could distinguish between “ga” and “ba” as well as male and female voices. This finding goes towards some scientist’s belief that basic linguistic abilities are innate.

Parenting Like Beckham

The Beckham’s have polled best parenting role models

David and Victoria Beckham have topped the poll for best parenting role models. The UK’s leading discount website myvouchercodes.co.uk polled 1,336 British parents across the UK, who were all shown pictures of celebrity couples and asked which ones they thought represented an ideal role model for their parenting conduct.
69% of parents also said that Parents-to-be Prince William and Princess of Cambridge Kate Middleton would also be good parenting role models.
Mark Pearson, Chairman of myvouchercodes.co.uk, commented on the findings:
“I am not surprised to see the Beckham’s topping the chart for parent’s role model. They always seem to appear as a very close family with a very strong bond whenever they are in the public eye or not.”

Underperforming Schools

Hundreds more primary schools in England could be labelled as underperforming

Next year the government is raising targets for schools. Schools will need to have 65% of pupils achieving the expected levels in English and maths, up from 60%, Schools Minister David Laws says. If schools continue to consistently underperform below this target they could be required to become academies. According to last year’s results there would have been 866 schools below the new minimum target.

A Nordic Nap

Nordic NapWould you put your baby or toddler outside in the freezing cold for their lunchtime nap?

Most Nordic parents wouldn’t give it a second thought. For them it’s part of their daily routine. Stockholm in winter can see lows of -5C but it’s still very common to see children left outside, asleep in their pram.
Nordic parents have been told through the generations that leaving your children outside for their nap is good for them; the fresh air means they nap for longer and are getting plenty of vitamins. When the temperature drops to -15C the prams are covered with blankets but still not brought in from outside. Most nurseries in Sweden put the children out to rest with prams lined up in the snow at nap time, outside nurseries, shops, balconies or just on the street.
The children are kept wrapped up warm and studies have shown that parents rate it as a healthy way for children to sleep but let’s be honest, if we saw a pram abandoned outside in the freezing cold, it would cause most parents to panic and a  call from the social services. Nordic families may be wrapping their kids up for the cold weather while British families prefer to wrap their kids up in cotton wool.