How To Catch Crabs The British Way


    Summer’s here! Yes, that time of year when parents tear their hair out, trying to keep the kids entertained for weeks on end. But help is at hand.. or should that be ‘at claw’? Norfolk hero, Colin The Crab, has made his very own video introducing families to the delights of crabbing


    Crabbing is a simple and fun activity, with the added bonus of being virtually free. What’s more, it’s not limited to the summer months, as you can crab all-year-round, whatever the weather, and it will keep the kids occupied for hours.

    But, until now, there’s never been a video to explain the art of crabbing. Colin The Crab got together with Norfolk-based , purveyors of quirky seaside clothing and giftware, to film a ‘how to go crabbing’ video.

    The video is jammed full of useful information including:

    • where to crab
    • what kit is needed
    • safety
    • how to take care of the crabs
    • clearing up your rubbish after you’ve finished crabbing.

    Commenting on the video, Gone Crabbing’s Susie Mason, said:

    “Having been born and bred in Norfolk, crabbing was a given – something we all did as kids. So I was surprised by the number of people who came into our shops at Burnham Deepdale and Southwold, asking about crabbing and the kit you need.

    Having spent time on Google and YouTube searching for a video on how to crab – and finding nothing – we decided to create one. Given you cannot count on the UK weather, crabbing is brilliant to keep the kids busy when it’s not really beach weather. It’s also a great way to introduce them to marine life”.

    The video can be found at

    and Gone Crabbing plan to extend their website to include lots of information on crabbing, such as the best places to crab, information on the different species as well as people’s photographs of their catch.

    Earlier this year, Susie brought out her first book about the adventures of Colin The Crab. Not only is it a beautifully-illustrated pop-up story book, it underlines the important message about returning creatures to the sea after rock pooling.


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