Anything to Avoid a Tantrum


As childhood obesity levels soar in the UK, an online voucher code website has been researching some of the possible reasons for this. They surveyed parents asking for honest answers into the eating habits of their children. Asking how much their children have control of what they eat and how often they eat certain foods considered unhealthy, they found 67% of parents let their children choose what they eat regularly.

As obesity continues to be an issue, online voucher code website surveyed over 1.000 parents in the UK to find out what their children eat and their behaviours and attitudes to food. They asked: “Do you let your children decide what to eat?” To which 67% of parents said, yes. They also asked parents how often they allowed their children to eat snacks, convenience and fast foods as well as sugary drinks.

  •  Sugary and fizzy drinks – 62% of parents allow their children to drink these every day.
  • Caffeine drinks – 14% of children are drinking these drinks every day.
  • Crisps and snacks – 32% of parents let their children eat these every day.
  • Chocolate, biscuits and breakfast bars – 39% of parents give their children these every day.
  • Raw vegetables, fruit or nuts as a snack – 26% of parents have never given their children these.
  • Pre-prepared ready meals – 45% of parents will feed their children these meals at least a couple of times a week.
  • Sausage rolls and shop bought sandwiches – 28% of children are given these at least once a week.

Research also suggests that behaviour can also be linked to food, so parents were asked: “If you are out and your child misbehaves, how would you get them to behave?” They found that 11% will bribe their children with food such as sweets or snacks. If their child/children refuse to eat something, 54% of parents will punish them, such as denying dessert or sending them to bed early.


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